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Stephen GoldsmithDirector

Stephen Goldsmith is currently Director of the Center for the Living City, as well as an Associate Professor in the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah. He also serves as the Director of the Capstone Program for the Office of Undergraduate Studies and serves as the co-director of the university's Consortium for Dark Sky Studies.

As the former Planning Director for Salt Lake City, Stephen was the first artist/planning director appointed in a major city in the U.S. During his tenure, which included preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, he completed projects including an award-winning guide titled, Towards a Walkable Downtown: urban design strategies to improve the pedestrian environment in Downtown Salt Lake City; a project to develop high-performance, green building policies for the city; development of the city’s first Transit Oriented Zoning districts, and a “Walkable Communities” ordinance. During the 2002 Olympics he produced an international symposium and exhibition titled, “The Physical Fitness of Cities: Vision and Ethics in City Building.”

Stephen was also the founding director of Artspace, a community development corporation creating affordable housing and workspace for artists and others in Salt Lake City. He is an accomplished sculptor whose water features and environmental installations can be seen in public spaces throughout Salt Lake City.


Chelsea Gauthier, Associate Director

Chelsea Gauthier, Associate Director of the Center for the Living City, assists in managing the Jane Jacobs Walk program, the Jane Jacobs Fellows, the Observe!  program, community outreach, and other Center development.  Her background as a ballet dancer fostered her love of embedded story within historic buildings and finding inspiration from artistic nuances that people and place bring to city life. Chelsea is passionate about engaging youth and women in the design of their communities. Her interests and experience include urban ecology, environmental planning, historic preservation, and community engagement projects that create a platform for citizen activists to create change in their communities. She believes in the power of small scale interventions in cities to make big impacts within a community. She holds a Master’s degree in City & Metropolitan Planning, a Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation, and a Bachelor’s in Urban Planning from the University of Utah.


2018 jane jacobs fellow

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Abinaya Rajavelu, Observe! Program- India

Abinaya is a passionate urbanist with a keen interest in creating people centric cities. She received a Masters degree in Urban and regional planning from the University of Tours, France and Bachelors in Architecture from SRM University, India. Currently, she is a senior associate at Urban Design Collective based in Chennai.

Abinaya strongly believes that collaborative and participatory methods play a major role in the creation of sustainable and lively cities. Over the past three years, she has worked with several local communities, institutions and organizations in a multitude of projects that hinge on public awareness and participation, data based sustainable city development and art in the city building process.  

2018 Internships

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Hanah Morin, Jane Jacobs Walk Coordinator

Hanah Morin is the Jane Jacobs Walk program coordinator. She attended Sarah Lawrence College for a year and transferred to the University of Utah where she will be receiving her Bachelor’s in Environmental and Sustainability Studies during the summer of 2018. With a background in environmental science, Hanah is interested in urban design as an application of sustainable practices in everyday life. Ultimately, she plans on attending law school to become and environmental attorney. She is passionate about environmental justice issues and hopes to make the world more equitable. As well as attending school and working at the Girls Transition Center, Hanah trains service dogs for veterans with Labs for Liberty.


Hibba Ahmed, Observe! Student Intern

Hibba goes to Hillcrest High School and plans to graduate in the year of 2021. She is 13 and has done multiple global outreach programs for the Observe! Patch program. With a growing love and passion of being involved in the community, Hibba is heartfelt and eager about social issues and how she can change the world around her. Hibba plans on exploring her career options when she grows up and staying involved with her community projects. Her background as a Girl Scout and an NJHS member expose her love for letting all people be accepted, and to take responsibility and affliction with the changing environments surrounding. She is enthusiastic to work with The Center For The Living City to provide a youth perspective and to engage in more diverse/global outreach programs.


LAUREN BROWN, JANE JACOBS FELLOW- urbanspace @ 401 richmond

Lauren Brown is a Jane Jacobs Fellow with the Center for the Living City focusing on urban agriculture and the benefits, impacts and efficacy of rooftop agriculture. She will be designing and building a case study in partnership with UrbanSpace at 401 Richmond Street West, a restored, heritage-designated, industrial building turned arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto. Lauren is passionate about doing applied research around environmental and climate justice, particularly related to urban food system vulnerability. After finishing a Masters in City and Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah in 2010, she spent the last six years working on environmental and food justice projects in Salt Lake City, Guatemala, and Brooklyn. She recently completed a Fulbright grant in Mauritius working on community based mapping around climate change and the felt impacts of climate change. 


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Katherine Nix, Jane jacobs fellow- observe! Program

Kat Nix graduated from the University of Utah in May of 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Urban Ecology and a minor in Multidisciplinary Design. For the last four years, she has worked with at-risk Latinx youth in the Salt Lake Valley through the University of Utah’s College of Social Work. She loves working with youth and is passionate about creating equal opportunities for marginalized populations. She deeply believes creative placemaking, social and environmental diversity, unencumbered play and observation are key to vibrant communities. Kat is excited to be working with the Center of the Living City to help young womxn and girls around the globe to claim their voices and create meaningful change in their communities.